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First Ebola case in African border metropolis could be a ‘game-changer,’ WHO leader warns
3 HRS AGO - Democratic Republic of the Congo rejects deployment of a second, experimental vaccine
England gets its swans in a row
6 HRS AGO - Swans and cygnets along the river Thames are rounded up, counted and examined in an annual, Expand
This is a 'Manifesto' I can get behind
8 HRS AGO - In 'This Chair Rocks,' author Ashton Applewhite tells us not to take getting old sitting Expand
The genes that make squid eyes also make your legs
10 HRS AGO - Finding helps explain how complex vision arose in these invertebrates
'Malnourished' black hole breaks all the rules
13 HRS AGO - Astronomers can't explain why a faded black hole has such a dense, flat disk.
8 quirks of farmers market foods
3 DAYS AGO - Local farmers at Montclair Farmers' Market explain why their food looks different than what Expand
How hurricanes are named (and why)
3 DAYS AGO - Giving human names to hurricanes may seem odd, but it's part of a major shift in our Expand
Why hyperthyroidism in cats is such a big deal
3 DAYS AGO - Hyperthyroidism is a common disease in cats that can affect the entire body.
Our brains appear uniquely tuned for musical pitch
4 DAYS AGO - Results of a study involving primates suggest that speech and music may have shaped the human Expand
First Ebola case in African border metropolis heightens worries, elevates Ebola concerns
4 HRS AGO - But the Democratic Republic of the Congo rejects deployment of a new experimental vaccine
Small horned dinosaur from China, a Triceratops relative, walked on two feet
6 HRS AGO - Auroraceratops, a bipedal dinosaur that lived roughly 115 million years ago, has been newly Expand
What an increase in air turbulence means for frequent fliers
10 HRS AGO - Does an increase in turbulence mean it will be less safe to use airplanes for travel? The science Expand
Hungry elephants fight climate change one mouthful at a time
11 HRS AGO - The megamunchers change forest ecosystems to store more carbon over hundreds of years
Ancient people may have used pig fat to build Stonehenge
15 HRS AGO - Pottery covered in lard could have stored grease to help move the megaliths on sledges
Anthrax-carrying flies follow monkeys through the forest
3 DAYS AGO - It turns out humans aren’t the only primates with an insect problem
'Ploonet' may be the most adorable name ever for a moon that leaves the nest
3 DAYS AGO - Researchers suggest moons may someday break away and become planets.
In killing citizenship question, Trump adopts Census Bureau’s preferred solution to a thorny problem
4 DAYS AGO - But President’s desire for a tally of “illegal aliens” appears out of reach
Japan's historic asteroid mission makes final touchdown for samples
4 DAYS AGO - JAXA's Hayabusa-2 has made history several times, first by landing rovers on the asteroid Expand
This man is a 'knight' in latex armor for countless death row animals
5 HRS AGO - Chris Van Dorn dons the cape and mask to rescue animals through his nonprofit, Batman4Paws.
Remembering Apollo 11 and the giant step that changed everything
6 HRS AGO - It's been 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission and the first step on the moon. Here's a Expand
A material way to make Mars habitable: Silica aerogel could warm the Martian surface similar to the way greenhouse gasses keep Earth warm
10 HRS AGO - New research suggest that regions of the Martian surface could be made habitable with a material Expand
How Dutch bus stops are helping bees
2 DAYS AGO - Bus stops in the Dutch city of Utrecht now have gardens specifically to help the bee population.
Just seeing nature may curb unhealthy cravings
3 DAYS AGO - If you have an outdoor view, you're getting the benefit of Mother Nature.
Insects feel persistent pain after injury, evidence suggests
3 DAYS AGO - Scientists have known insects experience something like pain, but new research provides compelling Expand
Possible link between sugary drinks and cancer
4 DAYS AGO - Findings from a new study suggest that limiting sugary drinks might contribute to a reduction in Expand



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