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Medical News Today
Being easily fatigued may signal future heart problems
15 HRS AGO - New research suggests that tiring after light physical tasks or exercise could be a signal for Expand
Controversial study links pollution with bipolar, depression
1 DAY AGO - New research has found a link between living in a polluted area and the incidence of some mental Expand
Your Dog May Be Leading You to a Healthier Heart
1 DAY AGO - Researchers found that compared with people who had no pets, dog owners tended to have fewer risk Expand
1 in 8 Teen Girls Has Faced 'Reproductive Coercion
1 DAY AGO - Reproductive coercion is a form of abuse in which a girl or woman is pressured into pregnancy. Expand
5G technology: Is it bad for our health?
2 DAYS AGO - In this Spotlight, we look at the effects of electromagnetic fields on our bodies and explore why Expand
CDC Warns of 'Super' Salmonella in Beef, Cheese
2 DAYS AGO - First seen in 2017, this bacterial strain has already caused 255 Americans in 32 states to become Expand
However the World Health Organization also noted that more research is needed into how microplastics may impact human health and the environment, the Associated Press reported.
2 DAYS AGO - However the World Health Organization also noted that more research is needed into how Expand
Listening and reading evoke almost identical brain activity
2 DAYS AGO - By constructing 3D semantic maps, scientists have shown that the brain activity of comprehension Expand
Fluoridated water: Maternal exposure may affect children's IQs
3 DAYS AGO - New research has found an association between mothers' exposure to fluoridated water during Expand
Omega-3 fatty acid medications can boost cardiovascular health
1 DAY AGO - A new review-based advisory has compared the benefits of two prescription omega-3 fatty acid Expand
First Death Reported as Cases Linked to Vaping Rise
1 DAY AGO - The CDC reports the first death from severe lung injuries related to vaping. The adult from Expand
A Kid-Friendly Emergency Room Saves Lives
1 DAY AGO - The risk of death was three times lower for those treated at ERs with greater levels of pediatric Expand
Just One Pill for All Your Heart Health Needs? It's On the Way
2 DAYS AGO - The "polypill" reduced the risk of life-threatening heart health problems by more than one-third Expand
Blood pressure in our 30s and 40s has lasting impact on brain health
2 DAYS AGO - A new study finds that blood pressure changes in our 30s and 40s can have lasting effects on our Expand
Cases of Lung Injury Tied to Vaping Keep Rising
2 DAYS AGO - Late Wednesday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its tally of such Expand
TB Cases Drop Among the Young, But Racial Disparities Persist
2 DAYS AGO - Rates among all other racial/ethnic groups were at least 14 times higher than among whites.
Study links insomnia genes to heart disease, stroke risk
3 DAYS AGO - New research using a genetic analysis called Mendelian randomization links insomnia genes to a Expand
Chronic pain research: Linking psychology, sociology, and neuroscience
3 DAYS AGO - Understanding chronic pain is challenging. A recent study examined the interplay between Expand
First Death Tied to Lung Injury From Vaping Reported in Illinois
1 DAY AGO - An Illinois resident who was hospitalized after suffering severe respiratory illness related to Expand
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Treated for Pancreatic Cancer
1 DAY AGO - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just finished treatment for pancreatic cancer, the U.S. Supreme Expand
More of any physical activity tied to longer life
1 DAY AGO - New research using motion sensor data has linked being more physically active at any intensity to Expand
Teen Recovering From Serious Vaping-Related Illness
2 DAYS AGO - A Texas teen spent 10 days in a coma fighting what doctors say was a vaping-related lung illness Expand
Inflammation in type 2 diabetes: Study overturns previous notions
2 DAYS AGO - New research challenges the prevalent belief that it is glucose that drives chronic inflammation Expand
CBD Is the Rage, But More Science Needed on Safety, Effectiveness
2 DAYS AGO - The review found that limited regulation of CBD products is a concern for health care providers.
Even a Little Exercise Means a Lot for Life Span
2 DAYS AGO - The Norwegian researchers also found that too much sitting was associated with a higher risk of Expand
No Such Thing As Crazy Cat Ladies: Study
3 DAYS AGO - A new study says that people who have lots of cats aren't more likely to be anxious, depressed or Expand



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